by The Incandescents

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released July 27, 2015

Recorded, Mixed, and Produced by: Riley Urbano, Giovanni Orsini, and J.J. Young May-July 2015
All Songs Written by: Riley Urbano, Giovanni Orsini, and J.J. Young
Art and Photos by: Nick Prezioso

Thank You Jen and Randy Urbano, Jan and John Orsini, Lynne and Jim Young, Alex Peck, Eric Fisher, Alex Coffman, Glen Strother, Amy Lindsay, Evan Handyside, Joe Revita, Brad Puskar, The Puskar Family, Nick Prezioso, The Prezioso Family, Ty Segall, Lilo, Logic, Kanye, Burritos, our friends, and our neighbors.




all rights reserved


The Incandescents Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Riley Urbano
Giovanni Orsini
J.J. Young

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Track Name: Drop
Sunday morning
you'll know when
Sunday, morning
you'll be there

Monday, wake up
step outside
Monday, wake up
step outside

Sleep Dealer,
come see me
Sleep Dealer,
work for free

Monday, wake up
step outside
Monday, wake up
step outside
Track Name: Freaks
Problems take one and two
so there's more than just you.
Through it all its understood
you can do more than you should

You'll find the fake freaks are letting you down!
They let you down, let you down.
When the time comes we'll figure it out!
We'll work it out, work it out.

When you walk on the ground
your presence makes the loudest sound.
You like the way that it feels
when you finally break the seal.
Track Name: Ink
Under the lens
the aspect is clear.
To be hooked on a lie
is nothing to fear.
How does it feel
to be on the other side?

Underneath the heavy glow
the broken pieces start to show
holes in the wall begin to grow
and we'll see what we did not know

As soon as you get
some time to blink
your eyes will bleed with
permanent ink.
Your eyes will bleed
permanent ink.
Track Name: Love Scene
So tuck the kids in tight tonight
pick up your bags, kiss your wife goodbye
hear the night and the way the birds cry
regret the way you let your heart dry up

the wind blows and the trees shake
the cars pass and your head aches
you think about the kill you're gonna take
lick your lips and you enter the building

How'd you fall so far?
Where'd you get those scars?
Is your makeup on?
Is the camera rolling?

Wear a mask to the ball
come inside, shed it all
talk and stare at the wall
can you hear my breathing?

Inside a blank white room
staring back at you
don't make a single move
it'll only get harder

living off rotten food
but I got a sweet tooth
fatal flaw leads to you
are you really even living?

All these nails stabbing me
locked doors are all I see
some lies were told to me
locked doors are all I see
this jail I can not flea
locked doors are all I see
my veil lifts off of me
locked doors are all I see

Gas causes tears to pour
a key turns to unlock your door
glass cracks to the floor
a key turns to unlock your door
the mass greater than before
a key turns to unlock your door
your loving wife gone for sure
a key turns to unlock your door

Shots fired and we run away
we go find a safer place!
Track Name: Leash
They try to kill me,
now they keep me on a leash
I try to bite them
but they took out my teeth
What doctor gives me
makes me feel alright
I worry sometimes that
I won't be able to feel the high

But it don't matter cuz the cage I'm in I can't even see
The cage I'm in so quiet they can't hear me scream